New rules for employers and employees

New rules for employers and employees

As of September 1st employers should request their employees as well as freelancers (self-employed SZCO) working for them to show proof that they respected the rules on quarantine and testing if in the previous 14 days they had travelled to a country deemed "risky" by the Slovak Public Health Office (UVZ). The employer must have a valid reason for such a request addressed to an employee or freelancer eg. a business trip, real knowledge about the place where an employee spent her or his holiday, the date of a transfer within international branches of a company and so on. The employer has to be able to prove why it makes such a request and can deny an employee access to its premises if she or he fails to provide the requested proof. The employee who fails to provide the requested proof will be then reported to the Public Health Office.

The nationality/citizenship of an employee or freelancer as such IS NOT a valid reason for requesting such a proof. The only criteria used in applying these rules is the existence of some information about the recent travel history of that particular employee or freelancer.

The proof can be the result of the negative RT-PCR test done in Slovakia or documents attesting the communication with the public health officials for those who may spend the 10 days in quarantine without a test (eg. a confirmation SMS received from the office); a stamp in the passport or any other document showing the crossing of the Slovak border older than 10 days is also accepted.

An employer who does not respect these rules risks a fine of up to 20,000 eur.

Anca Dragu/UVZ, Photo:TASR

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