Nation's Memory Institute: Secret service found Budaj unreliable

Nation's Memory Institute: Secret service found Budaj unreliable

The communist-era State Security (ŠtB) secret service perceived current acting Environment Minister Ján Budaj as unreliable, stated the Nation's Memory Institute (ÚPN) which governs the archives on Wednesday. The institute thus responded to media reports on a document, in which Budaj had signed cooperation with the State Service in the late 1970s. Furthermore, ÚPN explained that the ŠtB had terminated cooperation with him in 1980 due to his lack of commitment. Budaj reportedly had not reported desired information in the full extent and had also been involved in the organisation of illegal cultural events without the knowledge of State Security.

According to Report XII of the State Security Committee, Budaj was registered as a secret collaborator from June 1979 to October 1981. As of July 1982, Budaj was put under surveillance by the State Security Committee and a file with a cover name John was kept on him. As of November 1986, StB registered him as 'enemy person'. On Tuesday, the SME daily reported on the document, in which Budaj signed cooperation with the ŠtB.

Opposition MP Robert Fico is calling on Budaj to resign from the post of Minister. Head of the largest governing OĽaNO Igor Matovič wants to hear his explanation.

Budaj’s links to ŠtB were brought to light on Wednesday by RTVS in a documentary on Secret Service, however it was first published in 1990s when Budaj commented the matter and decided not to run for MP in his reaction.

Source: TASR

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: TASR

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