14 wetlands in Slovakia of international importance

14 wetlands in Slovakia of international importance

World Wetlands Day has been celebrated on 2 February since 1976 while there are over 2000 wetland sites of international importance now on the Ramsar List, including 14 Slovak wetlands.

On Thursday, the Slovak State Nature Conservancy pointed out that wetlands are one of the most threatened ecosystems. They are disappearing three times faster than forests. The theme of this year’s world day underlined the crucial importance of restoring and saving them.

The Slovak authority stressed that wetlands are able to filter and store water, serve as protection against storms and floods, store carbon and bind rich biodiversity. Their degradation is mainly caused by human activity, which has led to their deliberate draining and filling for crop cultivation, grazing and construction. These ecosystems are also damaged by water pollution and overfishing, as well as the spread of invasive species.

The Slovak Ornithological Society/BirdLife argues that their conservation is also becoming increasingly acute in the context of climate change. Almost 90 percent of the world's wetlands are degraded and their restoration is crucial for humanity as they ensure there is enough water for dry periods. The society pointed out that it is essential to recognise the importance of wetlands in the landscape, as well as the approach to land management.

Source: TASR

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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