Government replaces heads of Statistics and Healthcare

Government replaces heads of Statistics and Healthcare

Government replaces heads of Statistics and Healthcare Máte problém s prehrávaním? Nahláste nám chybu v prehrávači.

The government has acted on the passage of a new bill, replacing the heads of the Statistics Office and of HealthCare supervision. The new appointments met with diverse reactions.

Renata Blahova was dismissed as head of the health care Supervision. She said she disagreed with the reasons for replacing her. „I meet the qualification requirements, either in the legal profession or as an auditor and tax advisor through the financial market," she said.
But she also said her successor, former health minister Michal Palkovič, was a good choice. "I believe that the work we have been doing will continue," she concluded. She expects that Palkovič, who is a doctor, will focus more on the health pillars that the office oversees, that is, the supervision of health care and forensic medicine and pathological anatomy.

The new appointee was also welcomed by the MP for the Freedom and Solidarity party, a rare nod of approval from an opposition party.

Jana Bitto Ciganikova (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) said: ,“Replacing the incompetent Blahova with the much more capable Palkovic is a step that has logic and support in the health sector."

Also yesterday, the government dismissed Peter Petko as its chair of the Statistics Office and appointed Martin Nemky, a member of parliament for Sme.

The swift appointments were criticized by opposition party KDH, the Christian Democrats.
"The government has already lost any inhibitions. It didn't even wait for a verdict of the Constitutional Court,‘  stated Peter Stachura. President Caputova has referred the law change to the Court to ask if it is in accordance with existing rules.

Michiel Bicker Caarten, Photo: TASR

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