Sew long!


Sew long!

13. 04. 2017 17:56

Let us take you to a new exhibition in the Slovak National Gallery. Its name Nech šije!, or Sew Long!, playfully refers to fashion in socialist Czechoslovakia. Even though, socialist fashion is often critiqued for its conservative aesthetics, among the exhibited pieces you can also find some very stylish designs with personal stories behind them. The exhibition is on display until August 20, 2017, but if you come on May 7 or August 6, you can take part in a guided tour of this exhibition in English. Or you can take a short tour with Zuzana Botiková by listening to the feature below.

Sew Long!
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Nech šije! vystava sije galeria 2_tasr.jpg

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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