Martina Šimkovičová

Martina used to work in the English section from 2000 to 2006. Even back then, she went all cultural. Exhibitions, concerts, books, films, theatre performances, artists, singers, writers from all over Slovakia can be found in the Thursday show. Martina understands poetry and started competing in reading it as soon as she turned 5. She can sing and, oh, yeah, she can also draw a bit too. It's safe to say she hunts for the beauty in any performance. She's happy to be back once again doing the work she loves!

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Ben Pascoe

Ben Pascoe hails from Canada but has been living in Slovakia for more than 20 years. He enjoys reading and drinking a beer while arguing about current affairs.   When he is not busy searching for interesting stories for his radio show he teaches English and runs a small café/used bookstore.  He has made Bratislava his home and lives there with his wife and 2 children all of whom enjoy laughing at his frequent Slovak language mistakes.


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