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Legacy of November 1989

Legacy of November 1989 18. 11. 2016 | 15:45

Around the world, November 17 is known as International Students' Day, but Slovakia turned the day into a public holiday in 2001. It's now celebrated as the Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy.

98 years of first Czechoslovakia

98 years of first Czechoslovakia 28. 10. 2016 | 15:21

October 28, marks the establishment of Czechoslovakia. It arose from the ruins of Austro-Hungarian monarchy back in 1918. Its establishment was agreed by the so called Pittsburgh Agreement that was ini ...

Meet the Slovak king of Madagascar

Meet the Slovak king of Madagascar 27. 05. 2016 | 12:55

In 2016 Slovakia commemorates 230 years since the death of one of its historic, or perhaps we should say legendary personalities: Count de Beňovský.

Great Moravia at the Bratislava Castle

Great Moravia at the Bratislava Castle 20. 08. 2015 | 11:05

What's new about ancient Great Moravia? A lot, even considering the first Great Moravian state was created as far back as in the 9th century.

War on the silver screen

War on the silver screen 25. 05. 2015 | 16:01

The Second World War was reflected in various cultural forms, ranging from classical music compositions to video games.

Bratislava and the Second World War

Bratislava and the Second World War 8. 04. 2015 | 16:17

70 years ago, the Second World War came to an end. It was a war that affected almost every country on earth, leaving scars which remain to this day.

Remember November tour walk

Remember November tour walk 24. 11. 2014 | 15:44

Documentary photos from the 1989 Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia show people in the streets of big cities, gathered in front of various landmarks.

Long live Slovakia!

Long live Slovakia! 14. 11. 2014 | 15:40

In 1992 the split of Czechoslovakia was becoming a reality after the federation's fragility took a direct blow following the victory of the party of the vocal Slovak nationalist Vladimir Mečiar in the parliamentary elections with 37% of the votes in Slovakia and that of Vaclav Klaus and his Civic Democratic Party in the Czech lands.

Daily life in Communism

Daily life in Communism 13. 11. 2014 | 10:57

Everyone knows communism was a dark era in the history of Slovakia, then Czechoslovakia. Katarina Richterova talks to Marína Zavacká from the historical institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences abou ...

Fear Came with the First Sirens

Fear Came with the First Sirens 12. 11. 2014 | 13:00

26 years ago, thousands of people went out onto the streets of Bratislava, lit candles and gathered for a quiet prayer ... and the police charged against them with batons and water cannons ... this was ...

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