Some caregivers return to Slovakia

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Some caregivers return to Slovakia

16. 01. 2019 10:29

Slovak caregivers working in Austria have been a topic of discussion in Slovakia for many years, as it is hard to find a locality in Southern or Eastern Slovakia without somebody that has left to take care of elderly or disabled Austrians. But who are these people, mostly ladies, why have they decided to choose this career path, and what does this experience mean for them in the future? Two researchers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences - social anthropologist Martina Sekulová and sociologist Miloslav Bahna - have taken a deeper look at the life of Slovak caregivers in Austria. Their findings - published in a newly released book - point to the fact that as Slovakia's economy is getting better at creating jobs back home, the interest of Slovaks in such positions is declining. The number of Slovak caregivers in Austria peaked in 2015 - at about 26,000. It has since been declining, reaching 23,300 at the end of September last year. They have been replaced by Romanian caregivers. When it comes to earnings, on average they make about €840 per month after taxes, but most of them work on a basis of two-weeks in Austria and two-weeks at home. Social anthropologist Martina Sekulová adds more in an interview with Anca Dragu..

Slovak caregivers in Austria
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Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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