Interior Minister Tomáš Drucker resigns


Interior Minister Tomáš Drucker resigns

16. 04. 2018 15:19

On Monday afternoon, Interior Minister Tomáš Drucker announced his resignation after less than a month in his post. He said that he did not feel comfortable in the position, after people on the streets as well as President Andrej Kiska had been calling on him to recall the chief of Slovak Police Tibor Gašpar, while he personally did not find the reason for this measure. Drucker said that there are now reasons such as the polarisation of society which could have motivated Gašpar to resign, however according to Drucker it would have to be Gašpar's personal and voluntary decision.

Tibor Gašpar has been criticised by media that several big scandals were not resolved during his reign, such as alleged links between politicians to tax fraudsters or controversial businessmen. Moreover, Gašpar found himself listed in articles written by murdered investigative journalist Ján Kuciak for his alleged links to local oligarchs. For this reason, the media, opposition and people protesting in the streets do not believe he could conduct an unbiased investigation into Kuciak's case.

On Sunday afternoon more than 30,000 people gathered on SNP Square in Bratislava for the latest Decent Slovakia protest, and another edition of the protest also took place in the eastern Slovak town of Humenné. On of the requests of the organizers was resignation of Tibor Gašpar.

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: TASR

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