Different pace of roads construction


Different pace of roads construction

20. 08. 2019 15:01

On Tuesday, the economic daily Hospodárske noviny brought an analysis of the current road construction in the Bratislava area. According to their report, the roads that are being built concurrently on the same schedule have a different construction pace. This is the problem of the zero Bratislava bypass project called D4R7. Concessionaire Zero Bypass Limited has recently boasted about completing almost 50 percent of the volume of the construction works. However, this achievement concerns mostly a 32-kilometer stretch of the R7 dual carriageway, which will connect the capital city with the town of Lučenec. According to an analyst with INEKO, Jan Kovalčík, this stretch is the least difficult part of the construction project. The time estimate for finishing the construction of the D4 highway from Jarovce to Rača is not so optimistic.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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