From skies to prison: Slovak paragliders in Iran


From skies to prison: Slovak paragliders in Iran

26. 04. 2017 15:54

Imagine going for a holiday and ending up in a prison instead. The case of eight Slovak paragliders who got jailed in Iran back in 2013 caught notable media as well as diplomatic attention. Allegedly they were spying on iranian military installations. In fact, they were mainly interested in the beautiful landscape and extraordinary flying conditions. Zuzana Botiková spoke to Pavol Šeliga, one of the detained paragliders, about his travel and prison experience.

Paragliding in Iran
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iranian prison cell iran vazenie_Dalibor Krupka.JPG

A black & white impression from the Iranian prison, drawn by Dalibor Krupka, one of the detained Slovak paragliders.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo:

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