Who wrote to the president?


Who wrote to the president?

14. 03. 2019 13:04

80 years ago, on 14th March, Dr. Jozef Tiso became the head of the newly founded Slovak state. This period remains a controversial issue of the Slovak past up till this day. But it is also an important field for historians and researchers. We speak to Madeline Vadkerty, who studies the letters people wrote to the president Tiso.

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Young Catholic mother Margit, whose husband is of Jewish origin, yet baptised, asks for an exemption for her husband from the codex. Due to the policy restraints, he cannot work on the railways, and thus the family lives in dire conditions.

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This letter comes from a dissatisfied Slovak aryaniser, who complains about the Jewish property he was using being taken away from him and given to somebody else, without prior and proper notification. He wishes to file a motion with the state's economic body.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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