A Year of Women


A Year of Women

02. 01. 2020 14:51

The year 2019, when Zuzana Čaputová was elected to the highest post in the Slovak political representation, was a year where many issues highlighting the role of women in society were brought into the public eye. In the following features, Zuzana Botiková looks closer on some of these issues.

We shall begin with observing the 100 years of voting rights for women in Czechoslovakia and looking back at the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Živena, the first and also longest running women's organisation in Slovakia.

history and zivena
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Magda Vášaryová_RTVS.JPG Magda Vášaryová is a former actress, diplomat, politician and now president of the women association Živena, one of the oldest women's organisations in Europe.

How to present great women from Slovak history to younger audiences? Andrea Kellö Žačoková decided to face this challenge and in 2019, she released a beautifully illustrated book called SuperŽeny with 50 inspiring stories of women from Slovak history.

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Now let us delve into a more problematic issue that women face, this being domestic violence. Over the past year there have been several initiatives raising awareness about women's rights, be it flash mobs, art installations or seminars. One of them was also the photographic exhibition Atlas žien, or Atlas of women by a young Slovak photographer, Dorota Holubová.

violence against women
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Dorota Holubová_RSI.jpg Besides other photo projects, Dorota Holubová has also released a 2020 calendar supporting organisations working with abused women.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: RTVS/RSI

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