World’s best rock climbers in Bratislava


World’s best rock climbers in Bratislava

29. 03. 2017 15:47

Organising a mountaineering festival in the mountains would be like preaching to the converted. However, high rise buildings, concrete roads and shopping centres are not exactly what you imagine when you talk about rock climbing. Yet, this March, Bratislava hosted the 18th edition of the Hory a Mesto, or Mountains and City festival, and as usual it had some high profile guests. At this event, Zuzana Botiková spoke to some of the worlds best rock climbers, Kevin Jorgeson and Adam Ondra. So what are the perks of being a rock-climber? The short answer: its fun. The longer answer in the sound file below.

Worlds best climbers
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Zuzana Botiková with Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra_horyamesto.jpeg

Kevin Jorgenson 2_horyamesto.jpeg

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Botiková

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