Why did Ján Kozák leave?


Why did Ján Kozák leave?

24. 10. 2018 15:03

On Sunday, October 14, Ján Kozák handed in his resignation as the head coach of Slovakia's national football team. A move, which left many confused, wondering why he did it. In a couple of days, Kozák decided to address the elephant in the room, and in a 84-minute long press conference, the former Slovakia head coach touched on such issues as the influence of players agents on the national team or the dominance of players and staff from MŠK Žilina club in Slovak youth football, as well as the unsatisfactory work of sports journalists. Since Wednesday, 24th October, he has been replaced by Pavel Hapal, the former U21 coach from the Czech Republic.

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Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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