President Kiska will not establish any political party

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President Kiska will not establish any political party

13. 04. 2017 14:56

Slovak President Andrej Kiska announced in a video he posted on Facebook on Wednesday that he will not establish any political party and will not run for the post of MP, either. "Naturally, this means I'm not considering the post of prime minister," stated Kiska. Meanwhile, Kiska did not rule out his repeated candidacy for the presidential post. "I'll let you all know whether I will be once more running as an independent, impartial candidate for the presidential post by the end of September 2018 at the latest," promised the president.

Opposition Ordinary People party leader Igor Matovič feels saddened about the president's decision adding that he hoped "Andrej Kiska would found a good political party" and together they could possibly form a new government in the future. Another opposition Freedom and Solidarity party reacted that they acknowledge Kiska's decision stating that if he chooses to run for president again, the party will support him.

There have been expectations that the president could either have joined a new party or created one. "The room and demand for a new liberal party is undeniable," wrote commentator Dag Daniš adding that without Kiska "it will either remain unoccupied or will be filled only by a small party." According to Daniš, Kiska has become a successful president with wide popularity and respect among both critics and opponent. "If he let people push him into plans with a new party, he would exchange political success for political risk".

Kiska announced his decision not to found any political party a day after disclosing that his wife was pregnant and due to give birth to their next baby in August.

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