With Kunsthalle we stay!


With Kunsthalle we stay!

10. 05. 2019 16:06

On 10th May, the management of Kunsthalle Bratislava, representatives of the art scene, and Fine Arts Academy students were to meet with Culture Minister Ľubica Laššáková to discuss the latest developments in the case of Kunsthalle Bratislava. Artists, art historians and theorists are wary of the Culture Ministry's plans to establish a Creative Centre, whatever that means, on the premises of the current exhibition halls of the contemporary art gallery in the Slovak capital. They met with the Culture Minister about this for the first time on 8th April 2019, despite the fact that the idea of establishing Creative Centres in big cities all across the country has been on the agenda of the Ministry since 2013. The EU funds allocated for this activity amount to EUR 160 million.

With Kunsthalle we stay
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Martina Šimkovičová Foto: TASR

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