Culture News Week 46

Culture News Week 46

Dosky Award for theatre

The annual Dosky awards for top theatre productions of the past season were handed over on Monday in 10 categories with Slovak National Theatre winning 4 of them including the best production of the year. In case you are interested in seeing their staging of the national awakening classic Kocurkovo in a 2023 context, it will be on in Bratislava on Thursday, 16 November, 28 December and 5 January, however, only in Slovak with no English subtitles.

Across the threshold in Bratislava

Several festivals related to the topic of freedom and democracy are being held in Slovakia to mark the Day of the fight for freedom and democracy that falls on 17 November. So for example the Cez prah or Accross the threshold festival in Bratislava that revives the dissent and underground culture of secret meetings in flats offers discussions, lectures, public readings, concerts, exhibitions and a theatre performance.  Another event with a tradition of 17 years is the Concert for the Attentive. This free entrance event will feature Slovak trap project Fvck_cvlt (please, read fakúlt) as well as Czech underground legend Michael Kocab and one of Ukrainian’s most popular bands Go_A. 

Theatre all night long

30 years since the split of Czechoslovakia is being discussed at the conference organised by the Slovak Theatre Institute. Among the topics discussed by Academy scholars and theatre professionals is the role of theatre production as a mean of cultural diplomacy abroad, the position of independent theatre companies in opposition to brick-and-mortar ensembles as well as different approach to financing theatre production in Slovakia. The conference is accompanied by an exhibition presenting 30 years of the Slovak Republic in theatre production. The event will be followed on Saturday by the European Night of Theatres which will open the doors to the backstages of theatres also in 31 Slovak towns and villages including Výčapy-Opatovce, Soblahov and Kladzany among other top cultural tourist destinations.

Ars poetica

Poetry by Slovak as well as international poets are present at the festival Ars Poetica that is currently being held in Bratislava. Through Wednesday, 22 November, it is focused on female poets involved in different genres including street or sound poetry. The event features special guests such as the world star of sound poetry Violaine Lochu, thet internationally acclaimed artist Cia Rinne, the Finnish poet Maria Matinmiko, Krystyna Dobrowska from Poland, Carmen Camacho from Spain and others. Slovak female poetry stars present at the Ars Poetica event are Maria Ferenčuhová and Mila Haugová.

Slovak Philharmonic Choir in Vienna

The Slovak Philharmonic Choir is a part of one of the highly awaited productions in Vienna State Opera in Austria, Gyorgyi Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre. The 11 November premiere of this avant-garde classic was also broadcast by the Slovak public Radio Devin station which is focused on culture. It is possible to see the opera in the Austrian capital featuring Slovak singers again on 17, 19 and 23 November. 

Invitation to 17th Slovak Queer Festival

Úsvit. A crime story set in the 1930s town of Svit at the foot of the High Tatra mountains translates into English as “We have never been modern”. Unlike its title, this feature is the first ever Slovak film using the latest development – the exclusive sound of Dolby Atmos for its cinema screening. Moreover, the set was created here in a unique way. Locals well as foreign audiences can see the film „We have never been modern“ in Bratislava next week as it has been included in the 17th Slovak Queer Film Festival. It kicks off on Wednesday, 22 November.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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