EBU on RTVS draft bill

EBU on RTVS draft bill
Since its beginnings in 1991, public media in Slovakia have experienced many changes. Slovak Television has witnessed constant changes in the post of its general director while Slovak Radio served as the most trusted source of information even in the era of censorship during the term of controversial Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar. As of 2011, the two media have been merged into one – Radio and Television Slovakia aka RTVS. In March 2024, Culture Minister Martina Simkovicova submitted a draft of a new act on RTVS to Parliament. Its aim is to reorganise the public media and to change the leadership nomination process. The director general should be elected by a council of seven people, of which three are nominated by the Culture Minister and four elected by Parliament. It also wants to establish a programme council, the majority of which would be elected by Parliament.

The public broadcaster has held several debates on the future of RTVS. An international conference on the topic was held on Wednesday, 10 April. While in the past members of the government have taken part in the discussions, this time none attended.  While there were representatives of the coalition present in discussions before, none of them came to discuss the latest developments this time.

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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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