Starmus has started in Bratislava

Starmus has started in Bratislava

The international festival of science communication, music and art Starmus was launched in Bratislava on Sunday, May 12th with a concert by the French musician Jean-Michel Jarre. The event co-founders Garik Israeli and Brian May have been running the festival for 24 years. It is for the first time in its history that the event is being held in Slovakia. Astrophysicist Garik Israeli explains why: “We go somewhere where we are welcomed, where we are invited and we feel that we have to. We went to Armenian amazing festival and in Slovakia it will be the same.” 

“Everything is run on a very personal basis and a gut feeling. Jean Michel-Jarre jumped in and he was like ‘yes, let’s go there’. So the feeling is there, the welcome is there and we can spread our message so thank you for having us,“ adds Brian May, a former member of the band Queen.

For the first time, the panellists will pay attention not only to space but also to the Earth. In the opening speech of the event, Primatologist Jane Goodall, did not only address the climate change.

“My job now is to give people hope so that they rise out of apathy, roll up their sleeves and we get together because we have to remember – each, single one of us makes an impact on the planet every single day. We, the fortunate ones get to choose what sort of impact we make.”

Zdroj: RTVS

Martina Greňová Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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