Slovakia 30: sport

Slovakia 30: sport

We are starting the sixth and final round of our competition, which this year is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Slovakia's independence. In the previous rounds we talked about the achievements of our country in various fields, especially in economy, science and culture. In this 6th round we will talk about sport.

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And now pay attention. Here's the competition question for round 6:

Where and in which year did the Slovak national ice hockey team win the World Ice Hockey Championship?

Send your answers by the end of July to the address
or via regular post:

RTVS Radio Slovakia International
Mlynska dolina
84545 Bratislava

8.7.2023: At the end of this year’s competition, here come the names of the winners of all of its 6 rounds:
1 st round: Joé Leyder, Luxembourg
2 nd round: Jayanta Chakrabarty, India
3 rd round: Keith A. Simmonds, France
4 th round: Nazih Mohammed, Morocco
5 th round: Cyril MacDonald, Canada
6 th round: Hiroshi Katayama, Japan

Marianna Palková; Photo: TASR

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