Czechia becomes a "risky" country

Czechia becomes a "risky" country

Czechia has been placed on Slovakia's list of "risky" countries. As of September 18th those travelling to Slovakia from Czechia will have to either present a negative result for a Covid test not older than 72 hours or enter quarantine in Slovakia to be tested here no earlier than on the 5th day after arrival. Those living in an area of 30km from the Czecho-Slovak border and commuting regularly for work or study as well as those in transit and those with a special status (eg. diplomatic, military and medical personnel, caregivers, pilots and cabin crew) are exempted from these rules.

The option to present a negative test result not older than 72 hours as an alternative to quarantine will be introduced for travellers from all EU member states which are on Slovakia's list of "risky" countries (Romania, France, the Netherlands, Malta, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal) as of Friday, September 18th.

Sweden, Bulgaria and Canada will be placed on the list of "safe" countries on September 18th.

Travellers to Slovakia must respect a set of rules depending on the countries they have visited two weeks prior to their arrival in Slovakia. Those who do not do it risk a fine of up to €5,000.


Anca Dragu, Photo:TASR