Changes to rules for travellers

Changes to rules for travellers

The following changes to the rules on travelling to Slovakia come into force on Thursday, November 26th at 7am:

- Greece will be placed on the list of "red" (risky) countries for which you need either a PCR test not older than 72 hours if you come to Slovakia  from (or visited in the past 14 days) another EU red/risky country or can register via and quarantine while waiting for at least 5 days to be tested in Slovakia. See exceptions bellow. Registration is compulsory for those coming from (or who visited in the past 14 days) a non-EU red/risky country, which is not on the list of exceptions bellow. They have to show proof that they have already registered when crossing the Slovak border, if checked.

- Ireland and Singapore will be added to the list of "green" countries for which no restrictions on travelling to Slovakia apply.

- The exemption from self-quarantine for travellers coming with a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours will also apply to those arriving from United Kingdom, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

- Citizens of an EU, EEA country or Switzerland with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia who had coronavirus in the past three months are exempted from quarantine and testing. They will have to get a certificate from their GP proving they had coronavirus (the GP will issue it based on test results- even if that person had a positive test abroad a Slovak GP can use that for issuing the certificate) . You can find a sample of this certificate at the end of Public Health Office's decree on this respect.

- Children under the age of 7 will not be compulsorily tested in connection to travelling from a risky country but testing may be ordered by a regional public health office or a doctor. In the case of no symptoms, quarantine ends for children under the age of seven at the same time with the quarantine for adults living in the same household.

- People with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia who enter or leave Slovakia for diagnosis and treatment, as well as their relatives, will no longer have to apply for an exemption to the Ministry of Health if their stay does not exceed 12 hours. However, they must present a medical invitation or a subsequent proof of treatment. If their stay exceeds 12 hours, they must apply for an exemption via  the website of the Ministry of Health

- Exceptions will continue to be made to employees of critical infrastructure operators, but for energy and industry sectors the approval is issued by the Ministry of Economy, for electronic communications by the Ministry of Transport.

- Exceptions are also for players of sports teams and their coaching staff who travel to sports competitions but they must have a confirmation for the scope of their travel.

-Some exceptions are in place for those in transit and for regular cross border commuters who do not need a test but must show a proof from their employer, see the form you need to fill in at the bottom of this link.


Anca Dragu, Photo:TASR