Largest share to the Slovak state budget coming from German companies

Largest share to the Slovak state budget coming from German companies

German companies contribute the largest share of revenue to the Slovak state budget. This was confirmed by an analysis this year by tax consulting company BMB Partners. The firm compiled a ranking of the 300 largest payers of taxes and levies, which includes 200 non-financial and 100 financial entities.

Altogether they paid €79 billion into the state coffers last year, down some 12% y-o-y. A quarter of the share of taxes and levies was paid by German companies and 24% by Slovak companies. Companies from the USA, the Czech Republic, and Austria follow. The largest contributors are companies from the automotive sector, followed by energy and mining, and transport and logistics.

According to the analysis, the largest taxpayer from the non-financial sector is again Volkswagen Slovakia. Last year, the carmaker paid taxes and levies into the Slovak state treasury in the amount of almost €238 million. Natural gas carrier Eustream placed second (almost €167 million), and placing third was Zeleznice Slovenskej Republiky (€122 million). A newcomer among top 50 payers is Lidl Slovenska Republika (14th). Slovenske Elektrarne, which jumped from 11th to 6th position, and Slovenska Posta, which moved from 15th to 8th place, are among top ten taxpayers. Kia fell from 6th position to 20th.

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: TASR

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