Prime Minister welcomes co-operation with China


Prime Minister welcomes co-operation with China

12. 04. 2019 13:46

Slovakia won't let itself be dragged into the competitive fight between trade giants involving the products of the Chinese telecommunication company Huawei, said Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini following talks with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang in Dubrovnik on Thursday. If the products of Chinese companies meet all the security and technical parameters stipulated by Slovak laws and regulations, Slovakia will not prohibit global companies from participating in building up the digital infrastructure. The prime ministers also discussed the broad-gauge railway project that should lead through the whole of Slovakia to Austria. "Activities are being carried out in this regard together with Russia and Austria," said Pellegrini. According to him, the project is interesting for financing Chinese banks and investment funds. "It should be Slovakia's ambition to play a significant transit role in Chinese goods' transport to Europe," he added. China is also interested in Slovak agricultural products.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini announced that Slovak producers of dairy products would be allowed to make exports to China. They will be free to do so under the terms of an agreement set to be signed on Friday, April 12, at the summit of countries of Eastern and Central Europe and China. The certification process for deliveries of Slovak dairy products to China began back in 2014, with Slovakia being one of the last EU countries without such an agreement with Beijing.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: Daderot/Wikimedia

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