Slovakia concerned about Turkish military operation


Slovakia concerned about Turkish military operation

14. 10. 2019 13:12

General manager of the Foreign Affairs Ministry's political section Marian Jakubocy met with the Turkish ambassador to Slovakia, Asligul Ugdul on Friday, to familiarise her with Slovakia's stance in connection with the unilateral military operation launched by Turkey in northeast Syria on October 9. According to the Slovak ministry, Turkey's legitimate security concerns about developments in the region need to be addressed by political and diplomatic means in line with international law and the relevant resolution of the UN Security Council. "We're concerned about the negative political and humanitarian impacts on civilians, including Kurds in the north of Syria, about the increased risk of new ethnic tensions and the initiation of new migration waves, internally displaced persons, as well as the impacts on an effective fight against Daesh, plus the negative impacts on a successful launch of the political process to settle the Syrian crisis based on the recently formed Constitutional Committee and under the auspices of the UN," stated the Slovak ministry, also stressing the need to respect every country's sovereignty.

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: AP/TASR

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