Green light for bicycles


Green light for bicycles

12. 02. 2020 15:01

Cyclists in Slovakia can look forward to new bike paths in many Slovak towns and villages.

Nové Zámky is one of the towns where a new bike infrastructure is to be built. According to the city's management, the purpose of the project is to interconnect previously unconnected city districts and thus increase their usability. The northern Slovak town of Martin is planning a new bike infrastructure, too. "Thanks to the new bike path, we will once again be able to move a little closer to sustainable mobility," said its mayor Ján Danko, adding that the new bike path connecting Martin and near-by village Tomčany has been an important demand coming from its citizens for a long time. Three new bike paths and a bike bridge are also to be built close to Svidník. "The construction of a cycling route will contribute to the development of inland cycling, suburban recreation and tourism," said its mayor Marcela Ivančová. A new bike path in Liptovský Mikuláš will lead cyclists through an interesting route and will make accessible what has until now been inaccessible, the floodplain forest.

Moreover, two towns in the Kysuce region, Kysucké Nové Mesto and Krásno nad Kysucou, will start a new bike-sharing programme as of April 2020. "Bikesharing in our city will be a bit different from that of other cities. There will be no stations, rather the bicycles will be distributed around the city. You will be able to find a bike using a GPS application," said Kysuckého Nového Mesto mayor Marián Mihalda.

This ongoing enlargement of the cycling infrastructure, which is still rather underdeveloped in Slovakia, is appreciated also by Slovakia's national cyclo-coordinator, Peter Kľučka. He thinks that through building new bike paths, "we can contribute to a better and healthier life, and one that is more ecological and economical."

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: TASR

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