Slovakia to set up fund for Belarusians

Slovakia to set up fund for Belarusians

On Wednesday the Slovak Government agreed to set up a fund to aid Belarusian civil society in response to the recent manipulated presidential election in Belarus. The Foreign Affairs Ministry proposed that €250,000 should be earmarked for this purpose. The sum will be covered from money that was originally allocated to help Italy with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The move is a follow-up to the official stance the Cabinet adopted on August 19. As part of that stance, Slovakia expressed its concern at the repression of basic human rights and public freedoms in Belarus, at the same stating that it's ready to help people who have been inappropriately punished by the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in connection with the ongoing protests against the manipulated election.

"I consider this to be a very important contribution. It allows us to alleviate the situation of those who find themselves in a (harsh) situation due to the repression. I am all the more serious about this because students in Minsk were again arrested during peaceful demonstrations without any reason whatsoever," said Korčok.

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: AP/TASR

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