Court re-instates police officer

Court re-instates police officer

An administrative court overruled a decision by the Interior Minister to transfer a high police officer from Bratislava to the border police in the middle of the country. The police officer was one of two senior assistants to police chief Stefan Hamran.

Hamran and his deputies were all suspended or transferred by the incoming Interior Minister; along with six investigating officers. The court said the police officer, Branko Kiss, should return to his job immediately.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok said this morning the court was not qualified to judge. The issue is not one of labor law, but of public law, he said. As an aside, he added that the judge at the administrative court was a classmate of the lawyer who represents all nine suspended or transferred policemen.

Separately, he said he would meet next week with the head of the Whistleblower Protection Office, Zuzana Dlugošová. She has said the minister should have consulted her before making a decision, because six of the policemen have the status of whistleblower.


Bickercaarten Michiel, Photo: TASR

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