Criminal Code vote expected

Criminal Code vote expected

Parliament may vote on changes to the criminal code today, but a large number of proposed amendments by the opposition, may delay the vote until tomorrow. Ondrej Dostál (SaS) would be surprised if there was time to vote on Wednesday.

The Prosecutor General Maros Zilinka said on a social network that he had submitted his comments on the bill. They were professional and substantive, he said, and it is up to the deputies whether to take them into account.

Opposition politician Dostal replied they had not been given access to Zilinka’s letter to the chairman of Parliament.

"We would be happy to take his comments into account, but we do not know what they are."
Mária Kolíková, former Justice Minister, of SaS, said it was strange that on an issue that would directly affect his office, the Prosecutor General is silent and does not even ask to appear in Parliament. "This silence is really deafening," she said.

Michiel Bicker Caarten, Photo: TASR

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