Security Council summoned

Security Council summoned

On Thursday, the extraordinary session of the Security Council of the Slovak Republic was summoned . Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak asked media to publish facts and avoid confronting discussions. “Understanding and acceptance of different opinion that has been also the key stone of Robert Fico politics,” said Robert Kalinak after the session.
Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok confirmed that the assassination attempt was a politically motivated act, motivated by information published in media, with which he worked including the abolition of the special prosecutor's office, the cessation of aid to Ukraine, RTVS and the dismissal of the ex-chairman of the Judicial Council. Sutaj Estok calls on society, politicians, journalists, people to stop exacerbating the situation. The police are investigating 32 cases of people who approved this criminal offence. Interior Minister asks everyone to calm down. Even those who are threatening the media, opposition politicians, the new President of the Judicial Council. “We will act firmly and uncompromisingly,” Interior Minister Sutaj-Estok said.


Martina Greňová Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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