Spaniards take over command of NATO in Slovakia

Spaniards take over command of NATO in Slovakia

Command of the NATO unit in Slovakia has been given over to the Spanish contingent. On Monday, there was a ceremonial start at the Lešť Training Center. Until now, the multinational battle group was commanded by the Czech Republic. The Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák announced the change. He added that, in two years, the Czech Republic has shown how cooperation between several countries should work. According to him, from the beginning of July, when the transformation of NATO into a brigade begins, Romania and Turkey will also join. President Peter Pellegrini declared that Slovakia is and will be a full-fledged part of the Alliance. "Our membership creates a common value and security space in which we can develop freely and at the same time participate in creating stability at the international level," he said. The first Spanish soldiers arrived in Slovakia this year in January.


Patrícia Polakovičová, Photo: TASR

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