SK20EU: Slovakia

SK20EU: Slovakia

Nearly 450 million people are citizens of the European Union. In 2024, there are 27 member countries, with Slovakia being one of them. On May 1st, 2004, our history in the European Union began.

“United in diversity” is a slogan that expresses that within the Union we respect our own culture, language, and traditions of its individual members. Do we know each other in the European Union? We will look for answers to this question in the 27 parts of our new series, each part dedicated to one of the member countries and we start with Slovakia.

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Chairman of the Slovak Parliament Pavol Hrušovský, President Rudolf Schuster and PM Mikuláš Dzurinda announced the results of the referendum on the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union on 18 May 2003 in Bratislava. (TASR)

Jozef Bohunický, Martina Šimkovičová Greňová

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