Wonders of Bošáca valley

Wonders of Bošáca valley

Bošáca village that stretches along the Bošáca valley in the White Carpathians is well known for its fruit orchards and one of the most famous Slovak distillates Bošácka Slivovica. Listen to the following story and let Bošáca mayor Daniel Juráček show you the most charming places this picturesque piece of Slovak countryside has to offer. Ready for a trip?

Bosaca Municipal Office

While sitting in the car heading to the old drying shed, I can observe beautiful fruit orchards lining our road.


And we are finally arriving to the old drying shed.

Old drying shed

Old drying shed.jpgOld drying shed

After having visited the old drying shed, we continued in our journey heading to the third most beautiful tree in Europe, 200 years old pink pear.

Pink pear

Hruska ruzova.jpgPink pear tree

While moving to the Bošáca valley museum, a nice surprise was waiting for us under a majestic service tree growing along our road.

Cows under service tree

Kravy pod stromom.jpgCows and foal under service tree

After this nice encounter with caws and a foal resting under the service tree, we went back to the car and moved to our last stop - the Bošáca valley museum.

Bosaca valley museum

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: Romana Grajcarová