Discovering fruit treasure of White Carpathians

Discovering fruit treasure of White Carpathians

Apple is maybe one of the most well known fruit around the world. If you asked someone to describe an apple, they would probably use adjectives like smooth, round, red or yellow and sweet. But did you know that apples can taste like bananas or raspberries? And that they can vary in size, color, taste and smell? In the following story, you will discover a colorful and rich world of obsolete and landrace fruit varieties with three fruit enthusiasts: the White Carpathians Fruit Treasure project coordinator Katarína Rajcová, member of non-governmental environmental organisation Živica Andrea Uherková and farmer, ecologist and pomologist Ľudovít Vašš.

Katarina Rajcova and Andrea Uherkova

The SADOVO project led by Andrea Uherková aims to introduce obsolete and landrace fruit varieties to Slovak pupils and raise their interest in nature and traditional farming. And, it seems, the most interesting part of the project is visiting the orchards in the Bošáca valley and seeing farmers at work.

Tree nursery.jpgWhite Carpathians fruit and ornamental tree nursery in Moravské Lieskové

Ludovit Vass

Even though our supermarkets are still dominated by those few fruit varieties that we all know so well, obsolete and landrace varieties have been luckily gaining in popularity in recent years. Thanks to enthusiasts like Katarína Rajcová, Andrea Uherková and Ľudovít Vašš a new, colourful world of tastes, smells and textures is slowly opening up to the wider public and, who knows, maybe one day the world of obsolete and landrace fruit varieties will find its way to our supermarkets, too. Well, in any case: Bon appétit!

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: Romana Grajcarová/Flickr