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95/65: Encore! -2- Good night

95/65: Encore! -2- Good night

Radio broadcasting started in Slovakia 95 years ago, in October 1926. On this occasion, Radio Slovakia International is bringing you a series mapping the phenomenon of radio as well as television programming in Slovakia, as television launched its broadcasting 65 years ago.

In the first part of our series, we informed you about the beginning of regular broadcasting in this territory.

The second part of our ENCORE! series is dedicated to the program that has been running on Slovak Radio since 1926. Enjoy listening about Good night stories, or in Slovak, Vecernicek.


A brief recap of the period 1926-1938 in Slovak Radio:

1926 - the Prague based company Radiojournal started doing regular broadcasting also from its Bratislava studio

1927 - Kosice studio in eastern Slovakia start its regular broadcasting

1929 - both studios are provided with upgraded transmitters augmenting production

1930 - special buildings for radio purposes open in Bratislava and Kosice

1936 - transmitter located in Banska Bystrica

1936 - Radio Prague starts foreign service presenting also Slovak programs

The number of licensed radio listeners with the luxury of owning a receiver increased from 20 to over 106 000.

Martina Šimkovičová, Elena Seeber, Photo: RTVS