95/65: Encore! -8- Meciarism

95/65: Encore! -8- Meciarism

In 1990, Vladimir Stefko's idea as a newly appointed director general was to rebuild Slovak Radio into an institution that would be independent of the government and any political party. He was recalled from his post from one day to another on 5th November 1994 when Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar succeeded to recall all the top authorities of state organs run by the Parliament and appointed members of coalition parties to the posts. Freedom and plurality of highly popular news format "Radiozurnal" was gradually being oppressed ending up in a pro-government and pro-Meciar propaganda. The situation was even worse in Slovak Television. In order not to think about growing personality cult, viewers were watching Repete, the now-cult retro-music show.

ENCORE 8 Máte problém s prehrávaním? Nahláste nám chybu v prehrávači.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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