The Day of Slovaks Living Abroad

The Day of Slovaks Living Abroad

On 5 July, apart from the holiday of Saints Cyril and Methodius, we also commemorate the Day of Slovaks Living Abroad.  This day has been celebrated for 30 years since the establishment of the Slovak Republic. In 2000, a monument made of red marble from the Tardoš quarry was placed in the centre of the Janko Kráľ orchard in Bratislava's Petržalka district. It was donated to the Slovaks by their Hungarian neighbours. This place is therefore considered a memorial to our compatriots living beyond the borders of Slovakia. Every year, Slovaks from different parts of the world meet here to reunite in their homeland after a long time. The event is organised by the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic published a list of countries where Slovakia is most represented. The largest number of our compatriots lives in the United States of America - more than 750,000. It is followed by the Czech Republic with 200,000 Slovaks and the United Kingdom with 135,000 people of Slovak origin.

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Marianna Palková, Photo: TASR

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