The Story of Slovaktown

The Story of Slovaktown

From 1870 to 1920, some 750,000 Slovaks travelled across the ocean arriving in the United States, determined to find better life in this promised land. They worked, saved money, and hoped to return back to the so called, home country. About one third of them eventually did, but the greater majority stayed in North America with many longing to “re-create Slovakia” in the New World. The only settlement, however, bearing the name of the old country in America is Slovak in Arkansas. Zuzana Botiková spoke to Deah Partak and James Mayer, two US documentary filmmakers, working currently on a movie about the Slovak settlement in Arkansas.

In the interview, you will learn:

- the history of Slovak settlers in the USA
- what new traditions did the settlers establish
- how did oysters find their way to the Slovak cuisine
- what would the traditional Slovak music sound if it mixed with bluegrass

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Trip announcement from Pittsburg to Slovaktown

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Deah Partak and James Mayer in the studios of Radio and Television Slovakia.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: James Mayer, Uprooted Media

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