Tips for trips around Slovakia V

Tips for trips around Slovakia V

Come with us around Slovakia as we now present to you some tips for trips in this country.

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Paddling season in Košice Region, eastern Slovakia, might be longer thanks to the new Slovak-Hungarian project for Hornád River. Those interested in kayaking on the Hornád will be able to rent a kayak from the summer of 2024 in a self-service rental shop. President of the Košice Self-governing Region, Rastislav Trnka, claims this system allows people interested in individual rafting to make a reservation and the rafting itself without the need of physical contact with the operator. In eastern Slovakia, self-service rental shops can be found in the villages of Veľká Lodina, Kysak, Ždaňa, Trstené pri Hornáde and Milhosť. Those interested can float on the river all the way to Hungary. To make navigation easier and to warn of dangerous spots on the river, signs have also been installed for paddlers.

Horehronie region in central Slovakia has two new indoor tourist attractions. In the villages of Nemecká and Predajná. A pilot part of the project in Nemecká focuses on the re-creation of the science fiction film Avatar. It was founded in the unused premises of the former school building in Nemecká. Artists from Banská Bystrica's Centre for Independent Visual Arts – Umno worked on it. The second attraction is an audiovisual guide in the national cultural monument Water Mill with a dam located in Predajná village. This will guide tourists through the life of a miller. The exposition was complemented by captions with machine names and QR codes. After scanning them, the visitor can read a text description and also listen to an audio recording in Slovak, English or German.

In December 2023, the so-called Sauna by the Slovak Sea was presented near the Zemplínska Šírava dam in eastern Slovakia. It is a Finnish sauna with a panoramic glass window offering a view of the water surface. The project follows the growing interest in a healthy lifestyle, relaxation and hardening. The regional tourism organisation Košice region turizmus informed.

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