TOP SPOT: The town famous for its mint

TOP SPOT: The town famous for its mint

Welcome to our TOP SPOT game. Right now, we will give you five hints that will help you to identify the place in Slovakia that we picked for you. Moreover, a picture on our Instagram account will be of help too. Follow RTVS Radio Slovakia International English. While there, you can guess the city in the comments section below the post we shared. If you don’t have an Instagram account, feel free to send us your answer to our e-mail address:

The winner can pick a favourite Slovak song, which you can hear on RSI the following Monday.

The rules are:

●       Identify the spot.
●       Write its name in the comment section on our Instagram or in the e-mail.
●       Add your favourite Slovak song and its singer or band to your answer.
●       The deadline for submitting your tips is Friday (February 9, 2024)

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Patrícia Arpášová, Photo: TASR

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