Tips for trips around Slovakia IX.

Tips for trips around Slovakia IX.

Come with us around Slovakia as we now present to you some tips for trips in this country.

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Skalica preparing for the season

The town of Skalica, western Slovakia, prepares for its summer 2024 tourist season. It will start in May 2024 during Trdlofest festival. Trdlo in the festival´s name refers to local spit cake called Skalický trdelník. During weekends and holidays, monuments such as the parish church of St. Michael, the tower of the parish church, the Skalica Culture House by Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič, the Jesuit church and the Romanesque Rotunda of St. George will be available on the basis of a tourist pass. There will be a guide, who will tell tourists more about the sight. Visitors can purchase a tourist pass at the Tourist Information Office or at the mentioned Rotunda. This pass will grant the access to all town monuments. Also new for the 2024 summer season are two guided tours through the town. One focusing on the technical monuments of the city and the other on the religious buildings. Skalica has also prepared special tours for the summer. For example, accompanied by amateur theatre artists or a haunted tour of the town. Visitors can also use a new audio guide or discover the city's sights in a fun way using the app.

Liptov region more and more popular

Interest in the Liptov region, northern-central Slovakia, is growing year by year. The total number of visitors in 2023 increased by 7 percent compared to the record year 2019. According to Ján Blcháč from the Región Liptov – Regional organization of tourism, Liptov has a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Blcháč says that this is the reason why tourists come to the region. Katarína Šarafínová from the Región Liptov – Regional organization of tourism assessed that Liptov attracts not only Slovaks but also visitors from Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. They are gradually joined by holidaymakers from the Baltic countries, Great Britain and Romania.

A tourist shelter attracted 36 visitors last year

The tourist shelter Poľana nad Hriňovou in central Slovakia recorded 36 stays in 2023. The shortest stay in the shelter lasted two days, the longest five days. It was visited by tourists from different Slovak regions. Marian Babic from the Hriňová Municipal Authority says that the maintenance of the shelter is easy and most visitors respect the rules of the shelter. The biggest problem is that tourists leave food like ketchup or mustard there. This attracts rodents to the shelter. The tourist shelter is actually a former shepherd's hut that was renovated, preserving the original architectural elements with minimal intervention, and opened to the public in 2021. Those interested in staying overnight can register at the tourist information centre in Hriňová, central Slovakia. From the shelter, it is possible to take a trip to the Javorinka area - the rock formation Kešovka, where you can enjoy the view of the surroundings. Nearby there is a nature trail to the Bystrô waterfall.

Photo: Liptovský Hrádok

Patrícia Arpášová, Photo: TASR

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