Tips for trips around Slovakia X.

Tips for trips around Slovakia X.

Come with us around Slovakia as we now present to you some tips for trips in this country. This time, we will take you to Beckov Castle, western Slovakia, to the Archaeological Museum in Bratislava and to Nitra region, western Slovakia.

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New expositions in Beckov castle
Beckov castle in western Slovakia opened three new expositions at the beginning of March 2024. They are located in the renovated premises of the western palace of the castle. The first is dedicated to the village of Beckov and the Jewish community. The second to the Beckov Castle development and the third one to the most important owner of the castle, Stibor of Stiboricz and his family.

Peter Pastier, Hrad Beckov NPO director: "For example, visitors can see animated talking portraits of the ruler Sigismund of Luxembourg and the castle owner Stibor of Stiboricz, who explain the circumstances of the castle's building. It was not really given to the jester Becko, as one of the legends about the castle says. There are also "peephole" walls where you can touch objects from the medieval kitchen or the medieval bathroom."

In the future, further investments are planned. For example roofing of the sacristy and opening of the last room of the so called northern palace.

Life in Castles
At the end of February 2024, the Archaeological Museum in Bratislava opened a new exhibition entitled Life in Castles. It will be open until the end of 2024. The exhibition presents life at the court of the nobility. It includes the operation of the kitchen, dining, clothing, including jewellery, and leisure. There are toys and games, objects related to faith or healing. There are also aerial photographs of some of the castles, documenting their appearance today. The historical state of the castle in the 17th century is represented by a model of the Korlátka castle in western Slovakia. In the near future, the authors of the exhibition plan to add an interactive creative programme for schools or families with children. For adults, the museum will offer guided tours and lectures.

New app for tourists in Nitra region
The regional tourism organization Nitra region launched a new app for tourists at the beginning of March 2024. Daniel Balko from the mentioned tourism organization says that the application is actually an aquapass, which guides visitors of the Nitra region through the offer of individual thermal baths and aquaparks in the region.

"It is a way to bring together regional aquaparks and thermal baths, because we have many of them in the Nitra region. Each aquapark and bath offers a different composition of water, each one is special in something. We created this app because we were looking for a modern way to attract the younger generation." (Daniel Balko)

He says that the aim is that tourists of the region visit several thermal baths during their stay and, at the same time, they test the health effects of the thermal waters that can be found in the region.

Patrícia Arpášová, Photo: TASR

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