Daffodil is the symbol of solidarity with patients with cancer

Daffodil is the symbol of solidarity with patients with cancer

In Slovakia, the daffodil has been the symbol of public fundraising to help oncologic patient for 28 years. It is organised by the non-profit Liga proti rakovine (League against Cancer). According to the organisation, 40,000 people get diagnosed with cancer every year in Slovakia.

Its director Eva Kováčová points out that in addition to the donation, wearing a daffodil on our clothes is an important gesture for the oncological patients: "It is an encouragement for them. And for us as the League Against Cancer, it is a sign of trust."

Thanks to thousands of volunteers, people can make a donation on the streets. There is also a possibility to donate at partner vendors, online or by sending an SMS.

The Daffodil Day, a public fundraiser for the oncological patients, is held at the beginning of spring every year since 1997 in Slovakia. The raised money is used to support, for example, the development of diagnostics, treatment, research and equipment for hospitals and hospices.


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Martin Bednárik, Photo: TASR

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