Would you ‘trust’ a ‘sociable’ robot if it looked and sounded really human?


Would you ‘trust’ a ‘sociable’ robot if it looked and sounded really human?

12. 02. 2020 12:57

Will the robots of the future be so human-like that it will be hard to tell them apart from real human beings? Štefan Beňuš, a researcher in Linguistics at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, believes - at least in the field of spoken human-to-machine communication - that this future is not so far from becoming a reality. He talks about current efforts to design 'social' robots so that people will 'trust' and 'like' them more, and why this might be beneficial to society in some cases but not in others.

stefan benus

Will the AI computers and robots of the future have feelings?

Computers running Artificial Intelligence software can now engage in human-like spoken conversation, and are quickly "learning" how to express natural human emotions, and even to "read" the emotions of the person they're speaking with. But could such an "intelligent machine" ever really develop emotions of its own? Štefan Beňuš, who has been working closely with the latest voice recognition and synthesis systems, has his doubts.

stefan benus - part 2

Jonathan McCormick, Photo: Flickr/Ars Electronica

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