Czechoslovaks and Buckinghamshire

Czechoslovaks and Buckinghamshire

28 October is the day when in the Czech Republic and Slovakia we commemorate the creation of the first Czechoslovak republic in 1918. One of the last chapters in the life of this young democracy, perhaps an epilogue, took place during the Second World War, when some of the Czechoslovak political representatives tried to preserve the democratic legacy of this young country in exile on the British Isles. Zuzana Botiková spoke about the Czechoslovak connection in England with a local historian, Neil Rees, author of a book about the Czechoslovak political representatives in Buckinghamshire.

Czechoslovaks in Bucks

in a bus shelter.jpg

Neil Rees, author of The Czech Connection, in a bus shelter near Aston Abbots, donated to the locals by the Czechoslovak president Edvard Beneš.
(Photo courtesy: The Czech Embassy in London)


Zuzana Botiková; Photos: Neil Rees