QSL 2014

QSL 2014

This is our new edition of QSL cards. Their design is inspired by the beauty and diversity of folk embroidery, which is an important part of Slovak national heritage.


You can find all of the new QSL cards in the gallery on the left. Some of them were created by the technique of blueprint – it is a traditional Slovak handicraft printing of fabrics, where patterns are created by printing a wooden form on a cotton fabric, which is later died in indigo blue color. Different regions presented by their characteristic embroidery can be found on the map.



QSL-zariecie QSLQSL-puchov QSLQSL-prievidza QSLQSL-krupina QSLQSL-detva QSLQSL-dacov-lom QSLQSL-cicmany QSLQSL-liptovska-luzna QSLQSL-nizne-repase QSLQSL-bogliarka QSLQSL-krajna-bystra QSLQSL-zakarovce QSLQSL-zavadka QSLQSL-humensky-rokytov QSLQSL-kamienka QSLQSL-jakubovany QSLQSL-lubina QSLQSL-vajnory QSLQSL-soporna QSLQSL-jablonica QSLQSL-vinicne QSLQSL-rybany QSLQSL-martovce QSLQSL-velcice QSLQSL-liptov QSLQSL-kezmarok QSLQSL-hranovnica QSLQSL-orava QSLQSL-martin QSLQSL-liptov-a-north-spis QSLQSL-fackov QSLQSL-spis 2 3 4 1

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