What a Tour it was!


What a Tour it was!

31. 07. 2019 15:21

For around 200 men, it is pedalling around a country, for the rest of us it is about spending three weeks in front of the television. The Tour de France is a summer highlight for millions of spectators across the world. Listen to the Slovak take on this sporting event.

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If you wander what was it like to spend these three weeks on an expert position in daily TV coverage of the bike race, we have reached out to Martin Velits, a former procyclist, now a commentator for Radio and Television Slovakia.

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Martin Velits_tour_studio_RTVS.jpg
Every year Radio and Television Slovakia prepares a special coverage of Tour de France. Martin Velits (left) spent every day hours in the studio.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR/Twitter-Bora hansgrohe/RTVS

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