American coaching legend on Slovak hockey


American coaching legend on Slovak hockey

13. 08. 2019 12:20

In the year 2019, the Slovak ice-hockey federation has been commemorating 90 years of its existence. Over these years, many outstanding players, coaches and officials have been part of the federations' ranks. From Slovakia, the former Czechoslovakia as well as from abroad. Professionals from hockey superpowers such as Canada, the Soviet Union or the United States have also been following the progress of the fastest game in our region. Lou Vairo has been one of these professionals and fans of Slovak ice hockey for many years. Lou has managed national and professional teams in both the United States and Europe for almost three decades. Vairo's coaching resume is vast and includes serving on the coaching staff for the 1984 and 2002 U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Teams. He has been inducted among the personalities of the IIHF as well as Hockey USA's Halls of Fame. Zuzana Botiková met him during the World Hockey Championship in Bratislava to talk about his hockey relationship with Slovakia.

Lou Vairo
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Vairo, Larionov a Botikova.jpgWhen one speaks to a famous ice-hockey coach, one can be sure other famous ice-hockey personalities will stop by. Joining the picture is the famous Russian player, member of the HHOF and a crucial part of Detroit's famed Russian Five line - Igor Larionov (left).

Zuzana Botiková, Photo:, Zuzana Botiková

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