Canada helps the Slovak Republic to promote women’s ice hockey

Canada helps the Slovak Republic to promote women’s ice hockey

On Monday, the Slovak Ice Hockey Association organized an event called Women's Hockey Day in order to promote it. A briefing was also held at the rink of the Avion Shopping Park in Bratislava, where the head of Slovak hockey, Miroslav Šatan, and the president of the Canadian Hockey Federation (Hockey Canada), Katherine Henderson. They talked about mutual cooperation between the unions. Starting at noon, Slovakian players of the under-16 and under-18 selections presented themselves in Bratislava. They played several matches in the three-on-three format, the aim of which was to present women's hockey to a wider public. Next speaking is Ľubomíra Kožanová, the general manager of the Slovak women's national team.

Kožanová: "It's a project that we created for the popularization and media coverage of women's hockey in Slovakia. We are still struggling with the fact that it is not well known. We brought it to the shopping center, where many people gathered today. We were able to show that the girls they play hockey too and are smart. We couldn't even imagine that the president of Canadian hockey would want to promote women's hockey in Slovakia. We would like more media interest, considering that we are going to play the pre-Olympic qualification, which will be in Slovakia in December. As is common in other women's sports, volleyball, basketball, handball and football. Our sport is behind a curtain.”

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Patrícia Polakovičová, Photo: TASR

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